Technology insights

EDF Energy Services uses advanced technologies to create tangible client benefits.

For example, we provide technology-driven 24/7 scheduling for our power generation and retailer clients. Similarly, for multi-site, multi-state clients, we have introduced an electronic billing system enabling customized invoicing. We also offer a suite of client focused information technologies that can be accessed from office systems and portable Wi-Fi devices:

SCADA provides a set of systems, communications technologies and NERC compliant processes that allow you to control and monitor generation and load resources in real-time.

  • Utilizes ISO data, customer RTU data, and custom programming to provide scheduling services
  • Management for both generation and load resources assets
  • Provides real-time data visibility to asset operators

EDGi enables you to view real-time asset data, market pricing, invoices and how your asset is interacting with the ISO. Its customizable reports and data provide insight into an asset’s performance which helps you make optimization decisions. EDGi is also available as a mobile application.