Generation services

EDF Energy Services is the largest provider of generation services for power generators in the USA and Canada.

We recognize that all our power generation clients have different business objectives. As such, we respond to those differences by identifying and implementing generation services that add value through market access, asset optimization and risk management solutions. We operate across, and provide access to, all the wholesale energy markets. Depending on the need, your generation services suite can include dispatch, scheduling, origination, fuel supply, demand response and hedging products.

Throughout North America, we currently have around 29 GW of capacity under management. Our clients range from investment funds to municipalities and cover single-site or multiple-location natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, battery and hydro generation assets.


  • Operation and optimization of generation assets for third-party owners
  • Hedging transactions at customer request
  • Fuel supply
  • Environmental products
  • Market analysis and information
  • Demand response
  • Weather risk products
  • Multi-site, multi-state coordinated data and billing

Areas of operation

On demand data

When you work with EDF Energy Services, you have access to our leading edge information technologies.


Our SCADA system provides ISO information at four second increments and plant positions every five minutes to give asset owners up to date information for optimization and hedging decisions.  SCADA utilizes ISO data, customer RTU data and custom programming to provide customers with scheduling services.


Our comprehensive information portal, EDGi, provides market data and news, a customer’s data and weather all in one dashboard.  Data is warehoused in a user-friendly format, and can be queried by unit, time period, delivery location, or price.

For generation services clients:

  • Access your physical dispatch parameters, awards from the ISO, real-time metered usage, and other financial settlement data
  • Warehoused generation dispatch models are housed in EDGi where data is scrubbed, passes generator specific validation and is transmitted directly to the ISO
  • Awards are also electronically processed by EDGi - once data is received from the ISO, EDGi acknowledges the award and notifies users
  • Each ISO’s historical market data and clearing prices are stored and can be easily exported into excel for analysis