Our team

  • Mary Anne Brelinsky, President

    Mary Anne Brelinsky


    Mary Anne has dedicated her career to the energy sector and built a high level of expertise managing all aspects of the energy value chain.  As President of EDF Energy Services, her approach is very customer focused. Mary Anne is resolute that the solutions, services and products we offer should be those that our clients need and, above all, want.

  • Jay Moore, Vice President, Generation Services

    Jay Moore

    Vice President, Generation Services

    Jay joined us in 2011 and has been instrumental in guiding the development of our generation management system and other IT applications. He has more than 14 years of experience in real-time trading and operations, and is an expert at helping customers gain maximum benefit from using our technology enhancements to inform business decisions.

  • Cherie Fuller, Vice President, North American Retail Power

    Cherie Fuller

    Vice President, North American Retail Power

    Cherie excels at identifying and implementing optimization solutions for clients. During her 20 years in the energy business she has worked in all the key operational areas including scheduling, transmission and market analysis. At EDF Energy Services, Cherie leads our east coast commercial and industrial business and has a very hands on approach to client services.

  • Chris Armitage, Senior Vice President, Generation Services

    Chris Armitage

    Senior Vice President, Generation Services

    Chris’s responsibilities include overseeing all generation services including asset optimization, fuel management, load and resource management, risk management, and transmission optimization.  Chris has over ten years of experience managing assets, customer needs and trading in North America.   

  • Nancy Holly, Vice President, Retail

    Nancy Holly

    Vice President, Retail

    Nancy Holly leads commercial operations for the ERCOT Retail Power team.  Working in the deregulated Texas power market since 2003, she has a vast knowledge of ERCOT operations.  She takes pride in providing insights and information which help customers make smart energy management decisions that fit their business strategies and goals.   

  • David  Francis, Vice President, Generation Services

    David Francis

    Vice President, Generation Services

    David has been involved in most aspects of regulated and de-regulated electricity markets since joining the industry shortly after graduation from Texas A&M, now celebrating nearly 30 years in the industry.  Focusing on western power markets since the advent of the CAISO in 1998, David has successfully led proprietary trading and asset management teams for several companies, and brings his considerable experience and well-earned market judgment to bear for EDF and our customers.

  • Byron Pollard, Vice President, Retail

    Byron Pollard

    Vice President, Retail

    Byron complements his in-depth retail expertise with over 10 years of experience in the deregulated wholesale electricity markets where he held numerous commercial roles in power trading, power plant fleet optimization and fuel supply management across various markets in North America. He is well-versed in all types of energy product offerings for our industrial client base. Byron currently leads our west commercial and industrial business and is instrumental in developing collaborative solutions to meet the complex energy needs required of our customers in the west.

  • Dan Hurd, Vice President, Generation Services

    Dan Hurd

    Vice President, Generation Services

    After studying at Sam Houston State University, Dan worked at Dynegy beginning in 2006 in power trading for both ERCOT and the West regions. In 2009 Dan left Dynegy to join EDF working in ERCOT real time power trading.  Since joining EDF, he has worked both ERCOT and West power desks as well as managed both the real time operations and energy management teams for the ERCOT region.


  • Tom Jania, Vice President, North American Retail Gas

    Tom Jania

    Vice President, North American Retail Gas

    Tom's career began in the regulated utility industry and developed through energy sector managerial positions in accounting, procurement, physical and financial trading and marketing. Today he leads our Midwest Retail Gas & Power team, which specializes in providing multi-site, multi-product solutions to commercial, industrial and institutional customers including many higher education facilities.

  • Mike Smith, Senior Vice President, Retail Supply

    Mike Smith

    Senior Vice President, Retail Supply

    Mike helps our retail energy clients enter new markets and grow their businesses. He knows the industry inside out having been in power and natural gas, retail and wholesale, since 1991. Mike has worked through market changes ranging from deregulation to the shale phenomenon and managed customer services in just about every market environment imaginable.

  • Bojana Popovic, Vice President, Strategy and Product Development

    Bojana Popovic

    Vice President, Strategy and Product Development

    Bojana previously held senior roles in EDF Trading’s power and natural gas trading teams. Today, she uses her expertise of the wholesale energy markets to refine our activities in areas such as structured products, go-to-market strategy and new business development. Bojana leads our strategy and product development team focused on developing tailored solutions for our customers – portfolio optimization, risk management programs and renewable and demand side management solutions.

  • Matt Butts, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

    Matt Butts

    Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

    Matt has worked across our energy marketing business since joining us in 2007. His achievements include building a portfolio of approximately 300,000 mmbtu/day of natural gas demand and leading our acquisition of our Midwest natural gas retail business.  Matt is a strategic thinker and applies his experience to help refine the products, services and prices we offer.

  • Rob Louisy, Senior Vice President, IT & Operations

    Rob Louisy

    Senior Vice President, IT & Operations

    Rob is responsible for managing the two support organizations for Energy Services; the IT organization which provides application support and solutions delivery, and the billing teams supporting retail power and gas, across all the markets that EDFES is currently licensed in. 

  • Alexis Keene, General Counsel

    Alexis Keene

    General Counsel

    Alexis brings over 20 years of experience in private practice and corporate law to her role as General Counsel for EDF Energy Services.  She and her legal and regulatory teams manage the legal affairs of the company from licencing to enabling agreements and regulatory to reporting.