• EDF energy services

    EDF Energy Services delivers customized single and multi-product energy solutions for large commercial and industrial consumers, power generation and retail energy providers.

  • Changing the face of energy

    We make it easy for clients to do business with us. We are focused on service and have a first class IT platform. We're working with our customers to come up with solutions that are not just viable, but are exciting, and are changing the face of energy in North America.

  • Technology

    EDF Energy Services uses advanced technologies to create tangible client benefits. We offer a suite of client focused information technologies that can be accessed from office systems and portable Wi-Fi devices. For more information click here.

  • Expert people

    As a culture, we thrive on finding solutions and take pride in our professionalism, flexibility and understanding of energy management.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    EDF Energy Services has a growing footprint across North America. We are active in most deregulated states and plan expansion throughout the retail markets. We also have one of the largest generation services portfolios, with over 60 power stations that we dispatch and operate on behalf of our customers.